Thursday, July 1, 2010

Full Access Hack to Adult FriendFinder Site for Free--> Really Works

This loophole will give you free gold membership to the largest sex and swingers site in the world Adult Friend Finder claims to offer "Free" Memberships, but these "Free" Memberships are worthless as they only allow you to view profile text, and not the photos. We have however discovered a loophole that will allow you to obtain a full GOLD Membership (normally $29.95/mo.) without paying a cent, or even pulling out a credit card. The whole process takes about 10 minutes to complete, and is well worth it.

If you follow our step-by-step tutorial, you will know why Adult Friend Finder is the most popular hookup spot on the internet, well at least for the Gold Members, which you will soon be! The guide below grant you full access and we will show you how to complete the steps, step-by-step, without fail. It's important to follow the steps correctly. This is a loophole in the system, how long will it be open, who knows, however it is smart to take advantage while you can.

Step 1 of 4

IMPORTANT: Register with now. Click the button near the center of the page "Join Free / Sign Up Now". This will take you to the two-page signup form. This should only take a minute or two to complete depending on how much detail you get into with your profile. Remember you can always more fully fill out your profile later.

Once the two pages have been filled out, via email you will recieve an email with your login information and a link to confirm your email address. Click on the confirmation link, them come back to this page, and log in to the right.

That's it for step 1, the next 3 steps will upgrade your free membership to a gold membership.

Step 2 of 4

You should now be logged into your account. Along the top menu bar, there is a link "My Account" click it. On this page is a catagory "Points" and below that there is a link "Reedeem Your Points". Click it.

On the left side of the page you are now looking at will show your points, and below that you want to look for the link "Register On Other Sites". Click It.

You will see 16 sites available for you to register at. This actually is very easy as they auto fill 98% of your info into the registration boxes. Sign up for each and every one of these sites. You can use a discarded email address for this. This whole process will not take you more than 4 minutes.

Step 3 of 4

Now you will start to get email messages asking you to confirm each and every account you just signed up for, you don't have to confirm them, you can just delete them if you want.

Now that you are done with that, go back to the "My Account" page, and from there go back to "Redeem Your Points", and viola, you should have 4000 points, if not you probably did something wrong, and you can only blame yourself for that.

Ok, on the page you are looking at, there should be a table of "Prizes". If you indeed have 4000 points, Look for the prize, 1 month gold membership, and beside it click redeem. (If you did something wrong, and have less than 4000 points, see if you have enough to get 1 month of silver membership, or try to go throuh the steps again)

Step 4 of 4

Now you have to play the waiting game, you have to wait for the site to approve your profile, and you will have full access to the entire site and all its features.

Now, to ensure you can get another month free down the road, keep active on the site, tell your friends about the site, and build points. That way you can get another month free. It doesn't take much effort.

Of course if you want to skip all the hassle, just upgrade your profile. It's less than $20 per month. Pay for one month and see if you can hook up anyone (including me, hehe, remember to send me flower email), and believe me, most probably you will, because most ladies (me also, depending on mood) there are ready for "actions".